Trash TalkWe never like to trash anyone at a show

People work hard and they do their best. But here are some of our peeves. We won’t name names. But if you’re reading this and you think we may be writing about you, re-consider your booth training!

  1. PLEASE do not eat your lunch in the booth. Customers and press don’t want to talk to people with their mouths full. And if you have booth breath, sneak a piece of gum, but spit it out before you give an interview.
  2. DON’T speak ill of your management or look depressed. When I asked a couple of exhibitors whether they had new products, they said, “No…our boss doesn’t like change.” Question for CEOs: Why are you sending unhappy employees to work your shows?
  3. SHOW UP. If you pay for a booth, use it. Nothing is worse than your brand name over an empty space. At least send someone to take the sign down (or ask that show management remove it).
  4. BE PREPARED to speak to the media. Any press is good press. “Oh…you want to talk to my marketing person!” I heard more than once. But the marketing person wasn’t there. Oh well. You lost an opportunity to be included in an article. Oops.
  5. DEVICES DOWN. You can run to the lounge or restroom to check your messages or speak to your honey.  You may miss the sale of the year if your eyes are not on the aisle.
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