Xmas in July? Huh?


If attendees have to think too hard about the tie-in between a display and the food/beverage that’s being served, the exhibitor has missed the mark. Although scratching our heads and shrugging our shoulders burned calories, we’d prefer to know exactly what you’re trying to sell. Some marketing ideas should never leave the conference room white board.


No Soup for You!

Food sampling is all about generosity of spirit; gathering around a table (or booth) and sharing, comparing, and savoring. Although I was wearing a press badge, one exhibitor regarded me like a common criminal when I requested a business card. We understand that some folks do just visit trade shows like this to get a free lunch, but we’re not those people.


We love to hear your stories and promote the folks who have stories to tell. Give (time and a smile) and you may receive (media exposure and product sales)!


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