The Retail Experience Some exhibitors really think through every aspect of their public presentation — from what the product is named and how it looks on the shelf, to how they showcase it their booth, to even how their staff dresses to demo the product line. Retailers can be confident that the products will “show well” as well as taste good. Booth Bravado Wink, Sweet Riot, Lola Granola, and BumbleBerry Farms and Goodie Girl Tribeca deserve special mention here. They created displays that compelled attendees to stop and stare — and then come in to sample and sit. Trends in booth design include the “farm house” look (down to faux wooden floors), mobiles, and industrial shelving that’s portable and minimalist, allowing the product to shine. Props like bicycles, picket signs, and fireplaces were clever additions. See our photos, below. (We weren’t wild about the motion-sensor baby, but he/she did make us stop and stare.)

Just a few of the great displays! If we didn’t mention you, be sure to send your pix to us!

Packaging Panache Consistent branding has always been important, but food brands are more creative, integrated, and appetizing than ever before. And we love a great (and useful) giveaway. Check out the pen from one of our fave gluten-free cookie companies, Goodie Girl Tribeca. Their branding is consistent, fun, and a tad naughty.

Some folks who stood out as we walked the aisles are:

Food Fashion: Dressing on the Side Several companies were especially clever in terms of booth garb. If we had questions, we knew exactly who to ask. These companies proudly wore their brand colors and tied their dress in with their theme. The Mango Mango team was a vision in orange. And Cocktail RX had a “doctor” at the booth, serving drinks. Instead of business cards, they gave us “prescriptions” for product. A good brand is just what the doctor ordered!

Snack and Smirk: Brand Names If you can bring a smile to someone’s face before she even eats your product, you’re doing something right. Some of the most amusing brand names this year were: Anarchy in a JarBaggmacherBrownie PointsChocolate Chocolate Chocolate CompanyEat ThisFancypants Baking Co.FreekehliciousThe Good Ham CompanyKingOfPOP.comLawless JerkyMary’s Gone CrackersPork CloudsSexy Pop LLCSomebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce LLCThree Jerk’s JerkyWe Rub You In addition to creative branding, Original Juan had some amusing product names for its spicy sauces:

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