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Picking just one exhibitor this year was next to impossible. So we won’t.

Wink was, by far, one of the best new companies. Their frozen dessert products are free of gluten, dairy, and nuts (but not free of taste), and their display was jam-packed with personality, creativity, and joy. Plus, the team is all under 30. From their imaginative booth to their enthusiastic sales team, their show presence was everything a booth should be. We loved it!


Speaking of love, Cakelove showcased Cake Bites, miniature cakes and icing in a jar. It  is a great new product and Warren Brown brought dazzle to his presentation, compelling us to break our “sugar-free vow” at the show that day.

Cake is always appealing, but how do you make party toothpicks and frozen water more exciting? Pick On Us offered free World Cup themed toothpicks and festooned their booth with summer-y fresh sunflowers. SCORE! The warm personality of LifeIce founder Paulette Fox is enough to melt the coldest heart.

New companies that have poured their hearts, souls, and time into exhibiting at a show like this are always our heroes. They are following their foodie dreams to launch new products. A big shout-out to all of the companies (see below) that lined the wall of tables specifically reserved for start-ups:

Aloe Very, ALWHEYS Good, Avéyo- The Avocado Mayo, Bantam Bagels, Barefoot & Chocolate, Big T Coastal Provisions, BuzzBar, Chef Belinda, Chinese Southern Belle, CideRoad, Cocoa Sante, Cornelia Confections, Fabz Snacks (Simply Beans), Flavor Bombs, Gooey on the Inside, Green Mustache, Heirzoom Bakery, Hellenic Farms, High River Sauces, Hot Peppers & Sweet Dreams, Hummingbird Fine Foods, Ibex- Drinkable Yogurt (Skyland Foods), Kerber’s Farm, La Molienda, Lawless Jerky, Madison Park Foods, Maggie’s Conscious Vegan Cuisine, Malincho, Mama’s in the Kitchen, Pork Clouds, Purple Grace Teas, Sahara Date Company, Silver Fork Gourmet, Simply Pickled, SoFregit, The Atlantic Ave. Company, The Muffkie Company, Tribes-A-Dozen Egg Bread, Ulivjava Coffees, Wondergrain


And congratulations to the 32 Sofi Award winners!


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