Some of our favorite displays are the simplest.

It’s easy for big companies to show up and dazzle. But new and small companies are often challenged to create booths that beg to be entered.

Here are some highlights:

  • Stuff n Mallows (aka the Marshmallow Guys) encouraged visitors to make their own S’mores…yum!
  • NutWhats‘ display included a simple and elegant “tree” filled with business cards
  • Quinn Popcorn didn’t bring their giant and clever booth to the show, but their smaller version (see below) was just as fun and warm and welcoming (just like CEO Krisy Lewis)
  • Speaking of welcoming, Big Little Fudge‘s booth had the same down-home flair as the product and its founder, Kirk Rowton.
  • “The Perfect Man” (a chocolate hunk) from Treat Street was everywhere. Hard to miss — outside the show floor and inside at a photo booth.



Sometimes product names and displays leave visitors scratching their heads.  But one can’t resist stopping and staring (and taking pix).

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