The people behind the food are as unique as the food itself.

Food with a mission always warms our hearts and our stomachs. These peanut butter and chocolate “pups” were not only cute and edible, but Gearharts Fine Chocolates donates a percent of every sale to Companions for Heroes.

And while we’re talking about peanut butter, we’d like to give a huge shout-out to the woman at the BetterBody Foods booth, who was so warm, friendly, and informed that we could have spent hours at her table, sampling their innovative recipes. (The powdered peanut butter (PB Fit) tasted just like the real thing — and a fraction of the calories!)

Just when we thought we had sampled all the jerky brands (see our recap of the Snacks & Sweets Expo), along comes a new face on the dried meat circuit, Jonty Jacobs-Purveyor of fine beef products. Lots of varieties and the duo behind it was passionate about their product.

Not all salsa is created equal. The “White Girl” herself was at the White Girl Salsa table, and her sidekick was friendly, chatty, and generous with samples and swag — but didn’t over-sell.

Although we declined to take the “cream cheese versus butter” challenge, the exhibitor from Challenge Dairy did not shame or scold us (see Gaffes & Snoozes), but simply wowed us with her passion for her products. Every brand ambassador should be so smooth (like buttah!)


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