Looking good enough to eat!

The food itself was beautiful. But space was limited  Glamming up goodies on a small round table could present a challenge. But these companies made their presentations extra-awesome:

Dave’s Killer Bread turned bread into an art form. Not only is their packaging way beyond “white bread blah,” they really know how to integrate their brand into everything from tee shirts to guitar picks to non-traditional brochures.

We’ve heard of salad bars and sundae bars but sardine bars? Nothing fishy about that! The tasty sardines (by BELA Sardines) could be topped with all kinds of “sprinkles” (not the chocolate kind), and tasters were given their choice of crackers or dried seaweed (for those of us who are carb-phobic).

How do you make seeds look less seedy? Qia showcased all their varieties and offered us our choice of treats using the healthy grain — including unexpected yummies like parfaits.

You may have heard about the rose ceremony on “The Bachelorette,” but we bet that the bacon rose ceremony is a new one. A classy and oh-so-decadent gift! Now if we could only find an entire bacon corsage!


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