Companies that give back — and the people behind them — are the rock stars of any industry.

Matchbook Collection

Matchbook Collection

Todd Lawter’s company Out of Print donates a book for every product sold. His company’s booth giveaway was a classic — Farenheit 451 The Storymaticmatches, imprinted with Ray Bradbury’s quote “It was a pleasure to burn” and “Read and Destroy.”

Capturing imagination is what reading is all about. What else  can help bring back reading, story telling and the written word?

The Storymatic presents “six trillion stories in one little box.” Brian Mooney, a teacher, used this cool little “treaure chest” to prompt creative story telling. Pick a card…any card. What’s YOUR story?

And reading a good book should always involve sprawling, curling up or cuddling, or all three.  If a Sleep Number bed and a bean bag chair had a baby, it would be a Yogibo, the ultimate reading accessory.  Even after a long week at the show, the Yogibo guys gladly gave me a demo of their favorite sprawling technique.

Yogibo in Action from theONswitch on Vimeo.





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