CavemenUsually, we cover “behind the scenes” stuff in this section but…

We’re going to talk about under the covers stuff instead. Sex sells. It’s that simple and that timeless. Erotic romance was simply oozing out into the aisles at the Ellora’s Cave booth. A security guard was there to ensure no one got too close to the Cave Men.

Everyone knows that behind the white picket fences of suburbia lurk liars, cheaters. and naughty and curious boys and girls. I ran into two of my Cubaown neighbors from the burbs who were hyping the new novel, Cuba After Dark. Commuters on Metro North may sweat a little more this summer after their download this one to their iPads and Kindles.

Speaking of titillating fiction, if you are the first person to comment on this blog post with at least three books that were banned or challenged in America, you’ll win a FREE copy of Cuba After Dark, courtesy of theONswitch.

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