Glitz and Glam!

Glitz and glam were all the rage at this year’s BizBash! it sent our heads spinning looking at booth after booth; each one was more decked out than the next! Some of the coolest booths used their own products/services to make their booth stand out. Lights, fabric panels, stilt walkers, and even umbrellas (check out PBG’s LEDecor booth below!) can really add some wow factor! Some of the booths even made you do a double take! (Penny England as a “Sculpture” of The Statue of Liberty really shocked and awed)


Engagement is key to a successful booth. Games, photos (see On The Floor), and prizes are all great ways to draw crowds. One of our personal favorites was Oysters XO, they were shucking individual oysters and doing personally customized accouterments for each customer…talk about engagement! Party Headphones brought the music to their booth….you would have to put on their headphones to know it though! The silent disco movement seems to be the next big thing in entertainment! Cross-dressers and “living tables” are also timeless, as Screaming Queens continue to delight with their showgirls/boys and human tables (roaming the show floor, they were hard to miss).



PBG Events umbrella and LED display and their Cool furniture were eye catching!


Penny England as a “Sculpture” of The Statue of Liberty really shocked and awed


Oysters XO had a shucker on hand to give out yummy oysters to booth visitors…you got to choose how you wanted your oyster dressed too!


A Bizz Bash Classic, Screaming Queens were back!

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