There was no shortage of standout individuals behind the booths, including celebrity chefs, enthusiastic small-business owners and even one of the chefs that works at the White House! Great, tasty food is one thing, but when the person that makes the incredible food is a rockstar as well, then nobody leaves hungry!


Here we are with Chef Guy Mitchell, a guest chef at the White House and Vice President’s Residence ( He was fun, charismatic and knew how to serve up fresh seafood!







The second we arrived at the Zingerman’s Candy booth (, we knew we had arrived at a place where fun lives. Charlie and Ellen stood with smiles and samples of all their candy, telling us the story of how Zingerman’s had developed first as a deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and then split into separate food industry branches. Not only do they have great creativity in their company – their candy is called names like “Ca$hew Cow”  and “What the Fudge?” – but their candy tastes amazing as well!



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