The Fancy Food Show means Fancy Displays! While many booths boasted colorful products or costumed mascots to reel customers in, a few companies went above and beyond with their elaborate, dazzling presentation. Check out some of our favorites below!

It seemed as if you simply couldn’t escape the aisles and ailes of different oils from practically every country in the Western Hemisphere. After trying endless varieties of chips and salsa, we dove into the olive oils, complete with hints of citrus, bacon, meats, flowers, pineapple and other ingredients you would never expect to find in olive oil. It was hard to differentiate between all of them by the end, but the one thing they had in common was that they were all delicious!




Both Atlanta Foods International ( and Gourmet International ( chose grandeur over subtlety. Their delicious array of products was impossible to ignore!









Similarly, World’s Best Taffy ( did an amazing job of showing off their rainbow of taffy flavors. We couldn’t help but taste some of their most popular (and unexpected…Maple Bacon, anybody?) flavors right there!







The spotlights were shining down on the booths for Byrd’s Famous Cookies ( and D.L. Jardine’s ( Both had lit up their booths magnificently with old-school, retro brand signs.

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