Food marketing has come a long way! Two exhibits stood out from the crowd and drove straight to the heart of our Best of Show category. The first booth was larger than life – a full-size RV that Delverde Pasta ( takes on the road so they can eat and showcase their pasta wherever they like. Not only was the bus impressive, but they were showing a live Italian soccer game from the EuroCup 2012. Needless to say, the crowd of Italian men (and other soccer fans) grabbed our attention, while they also served up their delicious pasta with a glass of Prosecco!




Before the show even started, Josuma Coffee Company ( was on our minds. They had sent out a short, simple email blast to everyone registered for the show, inviting them to stop by and try some of their fresh coffee. A great way to get more brand exposure, plus the coffee wasn’t bad either!






One of the coolest food innovations we saw at the Fancy Food Show was this liquid nitrogen ice cream, dubbed “Sweet Freeze” ( The process of making this ice cream included showering an ice cream mixture with steamy liquid nitrogen to give it a unique texture and truly incredible flavor. This cold treat is the perfect choice for the hot upcoming summer!

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