ShowGirlTalk arrived in Washington DC this past weekend, hungry for the latest in food trends, innovations and samples! The Fancy Food Show is always a favorite of ours, as the exhibitors tend to hold nothing back in their displays and enthusiasm for their products. An estimated 2,300 exhibitors filled the trade show floor, from over 100 countries around the globe. They showcased over 180,000 products, from subtle flavors of olive oil and vinegar, to mountains of cheese and new twists on childhood classics. There were lavish displays, furry mascots, celebrity chefs and of course, no shortage of flavor!  Read on to see what left us craving for more!


As the excited crowd collected outside the doors to the main trade floor floor, we examined the extensive social media lounge that had been set up. One of our Show Girls tweeted the Fancy Food Show’s hashtag, #ssfs12, and we saw it apear right in front of us. In addition to TV screens displaying Twitter Feeds and the Fancy Food Show Facebook page, there were also handing out flyers titled, “Facts and Tips to Improve Social Strategy” (something we believe small businesses don’t know well enough!).


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