Head- Turners: these are our eye-catching, money-making, irresistible booths AND costumes

Intel Extreme Masters turned heads with their race car games, video game championships, and even Guitar Hero!

Marvel made a splash at Comic Con with crazed fans lining up to meet their favorite superheroes. Anyone who’s ever worked at Marvel, at least almost everyone, showed up for a signing. Just on the first day alone, there were 22 famed actors awaiting signatures.

The Red Demon was a definite scare-turner! We saw him while getting lunch in the food court






Big Bang…Small Budget incredible booths on a shoestring!

  • Pen-and-Paper Tool: WorryWoo Monsters went old school at Comic Con (oh, the irony) with do-it-yourself displays and the paper-and-pen tool; no electronics in site.

  • kept it simple with a piece of chalk, an artist, and an 8×10 space!


  • Poster ‘n’ Table Technique: Big Kev’s Geek Stuff kept their booth light with just a poster and a table. Their name, eye turning. Their product, Geek Internet Radio. Genius!   (But this marketing technique can backfire…those who don’t care to ask the company, “What do yo do?” might simply walk on by!)
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