We love CEOs who roll-up their sleeves (or chef jackets)! Nothing is more impressive than seeing the owner of a business take an active role in meeting, greeting, and selling! These trade show rock stars man (or woman) their own booths for many hours and play an active role in representing their companies to prospects and clients. Sarah Endline of sweetriot, despite her Harvard MBA and status as Mastermind and Chief Rioter (aka CEO of the company), was front-and-center at the Show, talking proudly about her product. She keeps her team energized and her creativity in merchandising, promotion, and product development is obvious from everything she touches. No wonder her company was just named 2010 Manhattan Small Business of the Year! And Alexander Dzieduszycki of Julian’s Recipe™ dons chef whites for the booth and treats every visitor if he or she is entering his own home. In fact, his liege-style Belgian waffles are named after his own son and every visitor feels like a member of Julian’s family. “We look at the show as an opportunity to connect with every customer – large or small – and get feedback on new ideas. The show is what you make of it. We pour our hearts and souls into every show.”

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