Peep Show: Behind-the-Scenes Gossip..What seems to be new, hot and trendy?

Fair Trade: We love products that have good souls as well as good taste.

  • Kicking Horse Coffee: The story, which begins with “What are you two schmucks going to do with your life?” follows the company from blending coffee in their garage (no lie) to producing organic, shade-grown Fair Trade coffees in tantalizing flavors that taste good and “do good.”
  • Sweet Ella’s is totally made-in-the-USA organic peanut butter — oh-so-natural and good, and check out their American-themed booth!

Gimmicks: These products had style and flair that got us hooked.

  • New Leaf Tea: A delicious new bottled tea sweetened with organic cane sugar, appears at events clad in referee costumes, and when a ref notices a “Violator of Taste” (someone drinking any other tea) they blow a whistle, throw down a penalty flag, and give them a “Violation Card.” Stickers of approval are distributed to those drinking New Leaf.
  • Hot Chocolate Sticks: Take what looks like a luscious chocolate lollipop, stir into milk and voila, this is a gimmick that really works.
  • Squeeze Me, Please Me!: The next generation of convenient, on-the-go foods now includes Justin’s nut butters including peanut, almond and more, Chunho healthy garlic products and GoGosqueeZ plain and flavored applesauce!

  • Meat & Potatoes: Despite the trend for organic and uber-healthy, exhibitors serving meat and potatoes were right on target with never-ending samplers.
    • Tur-Duc-Hen: From Tony Cachere’s Famous Creole Cuisine, this hybrid (tri-brid?) of chicken stuffed into duck stuffed into turkey is just one of the many meats that had people coming back for more.
    • J-BURGER: These original spices, created by August Kitchen, are perfect for jazzing up any meat. Slews of people found the spiced-up sliders to be  delectable.
  • Go Green or Go Home: Or at least go home with a “green,” eco-friendly, biodegradable bag, now the official bag of the Fancy Food Show, and technically the only bag that was allowed to leave the exhibit hall.
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