Two sections are necessary here: Head-Turners and Big-Bang…Small Budget.

Head-Turners: Striking, eye-catching, irresistible booths. Money well spent for these exhibitors!

  • El Paso Chile turned their booth into a bar and attracted audiences with their brightly colored drink-mixes used as décor.
  • Parking Permitted! The “car in the booth” is always a traffic stopper.
  • Twinkle, twinkle little booth. Flashing lights adorned a basic banner. What a beautiful way to shine on the floor!
  • Country Living’s kitchen cabinetry and hutches made us feel like we were cozy in Grandma’s kitchen.

Big Bang…Small Budget: Incredibly effective booths on a shoestring!

  • sweetriot: This brand of delicious sweets riots to create a more just and celebrated multicultural world.
  • Cavemen Cookies: 100% natural and 100% appealing. Cookie display was brought back to the Neanderthal era — on a simulated rock.
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